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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I obtain a list of all tax credits for my state?

Our site provides information on the key tax credits for each state, with a focus on the larger business tax credits available by state, rather than a comprehensive listing of all tax credits for all taxpayers across each state. If we missed an important credit or should review in further detail, feel free to fill out the request form and we’ll work on adding that content for your state.

2. Does your site focus on individual tax credits?

Our focus is geared towards helping businesses with state tax credits and the site discusses the key business tax credits available; however a number of credits are also available to individuals and are generally noted in the discussion for that tax credit.

3. How is a tax credit different than a state deduction?

A tax credit is a dollar for dollar reduction of taxes owed to the state and hence is more valuable than a tax deduction, which reduces taxable income; the cash benefit of a tax deduction is calculated by multiplying the deduction amount by the state tax credit rate for your company.

4. How may I obtain more information on a certain credit?

Please fill out the request form, or call us at (800) 792-4861 for more information about tax credits and about our tax consulting practice.